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Taicang Minghao Market Management Co., Ltd. was established on October 16, 2017. The company's residence is located in Zhenshi East Road, Shisi District, Fuqiao Town. The business scope of the company is: housing leasing services; property management; parking lot management; distribution hardware and electricity, electromechanical equipment , metal materials, rubber products, ceramic products, sanitary ware, craft gifts, needle textiles, glass products, lamps, toys, building decoration materials, daily necessities, auto parts, cultural office supplies, packaging materials; advertising design, production, Acting, publishing; supply chain management; business consulting services, financial consulting services, business management consulting; accounting services; engaged in computer technology, software technology, technology development, technical advice, technical services, technology transfer.

Maike International Metals Group acquired Taicang Chaoyang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. located in Shisi District Zhenshi Road, Fuqiao Town, Taicang City, and together with Shanghai Minghao Investment Group to build the Taicang Minghao International Building Materials Brand Trading Center.

Based on the general planning of Taicang Port Development Zone in Taicang, Jiangsu, the company is strongly supported by Taicang port management committee to build a professional building materials trading center in East China. Adhering to the business objectives of "cultivating first-class talents, implementing first-rate management, making first-class quality, first-class service and creating first-class enterprises", we pursue the enterprise tenet of "decorate the beautiful city and build the brand market", implement the modern management model, and pour the true feelings into a "convenient mass," A good market environment for active transactions and standardized operation.

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