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Group vision

Run through the whole process with one idea and cast the future with one quality.

The two major themes of "urbanization" and "industrialization" provide a broad stage for realizing the dream: on this stage, the new chapter of commercial real estate development will be written, the new legend of the application of high technology will be created, and the immortal masterpiece of creating value for the customers will be created. In the future, through the joint efforts of Ming Hao people, we will create three outstanding brands from the brand, scale and contribution.

Opportunities are wonderful and innovative achievements are great. In the new course, the people are bearing the shoulder, hand and heart, with our ambition, strong cohesion and unity, towards the whole country and to the world.

Ming Ho's mission: create value for customers, create profits for investors, create opportunities for employees,

Create wealth for society

The belief of pride: to be honest and keep forging ahead

Ming Hao pursuit: brand talents, brand and efficiency, brand wins customers.

Ming Hao advocating: beyond self pursuit of dreams, sincere cooperation and work together to create

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